EIPA supports women representatives exposed in the negotiation process on climate change


EIPA’s negotiation team is organising three sessions of a remote training program on negotiation all over the world.

The objective of this training is to define, discuss and better handle some of the key parameters and challenges faced by women representatives from the C40 cities programme exposed in negotiation processes in the specific context of climate change.

We intend to humbly contribute to the joint initiative of C40 Cities and the L’Oréal Foundation based on its “think local, act global” philosophy. This training provides concrete advice on how to think about our own behaviour, as well as understanding that of our counterparts, in order to improve the expected result in negotiations by using the right communication skills.

The session is also designed in order to provide participants with a more personal perspective on their individual involvement and performance in negotiation and communication processes.

About the training

Each session/group will be composed of 20 – 30 committed leaders from the public and private sector, international organisations and members of civil society with emerging female leaders at various stages in developing their climate projects and solutions.

Key take-aways
  • to better identify the mechanisms of interpersonal communication that influence the way people listen to and understand things during negotiations, with a view to creating a climate of trust and credibility;
  • to draw up a list of behavioural parameters to be considered in multilateral and bilateral negotiations;
  • to be conscious of the golden rules regarding negotiation processes.


If you are interested in improving your own negotiation and soft skills, EIPA offers a broad selection of courses related to these topics as well as the option to receive a tailor-made course fit for your or your organization’s needs.


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