CAF training 23–25 November


On 23–25 November 2022, the European CAF RC at EIPA hosted a seminar focusing on the CAF 2020 Total Quality Management Framework: a Tool for Revamping Public Administrations in the Post-Covid Era’.

In the course of three days, a group of 21 participants coming from eight countries, debated and gained a deeper insight into the content of the CAF 2020 quality model and the details of its implementation. Through case studies with specific difficulties and challenges, participants learned to better understand the CAF implementation, absorbing lessons about the success and failure factors that will ensure greater success in the future. Participants were embedded with the philosophy and understanding of the added value of the process on external feedback and the relevance of obtaining the Effective CAF User Label, and the importance of communicating success and progress towards excellence. They obtained more insight into how to establish synergies between the CAF and other tools and methodologies, and received brief and personalised feedback for possible follow-up actions.

The training has a strong focus on the individual approach to each participant, based on the level of knowledge, interests and needs. Therefore, the programme and exercises are adapted to cover the demands of the participants. They now belong to the knowledge community of the European CAF Resource Centre. The attendees are in contact with our experts for six months after the event to track the progress and discuss any remaining challenges.

Participants have highly appreciated the training. In the words of one of our attendees:

The course was very interesting, useful, activating and fun. I loved the dynamic of the overall event and the fact that we, as participants, had a lot of opportunity to actively participate in group activities which helped us understand the theory and to put it in practice.

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