Bradford Rohmer

Oxford Research

Professional experience

He recently relocated to Stockholm, where he leads the European evaluation market for Oxford Research as a Senior Analyst. Until then, he was the Principal for EU evaluation at Coffey. Over the last 9 years he has led and contributed to many public policy evaluations and research studies, mostly for the European Commission, but also for the European Parliament and British Department for International Development. A political scientist by training, he has worked across a variety of subject areas, from citizenship, education, health, fisheries, sport and customs to gender equality and security sector reform. Much of this work has concerned finding ways to structure and present large, often disorganised masses of information effectively through a rigorous approach to research design, execution and analysis. This has encompassed the use of a range of evaluation methods and a number of data collection tools including focus groups, interviews, case studies and surveys. Before joining Coffey, Bradford worked in various capacities on European policy in the non-profit and public sector and studied political science and economics. He speaks French and Swedish fluently in addition to his native English.

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