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Organisation name Chamber of Commerce of Treviso - Belluno|Dolomiti

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Contact person: Silvia Trevisan

The Social Responsibility Charter is part of the web portal of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso-Belluno (Italy), aiming at showcasing and promoting the territory and its companies. It is an accessible web tool that aims at enhancing the territorial social capital of the region. Through the portal, socio-economic issues are disseminated, more specifically news on the trend and structure of the province of Treviso-Belluno and the Veneto region. There is also information about webinars or meetings and events, promotion of the attractiveness of the territory, valorisation of local realities towards national and international investors, and ethical and social principles of the circular economy.

All these activities have the aim of promoting:

  • a better knowledge of the provincial and regional socio-economic context;
  • greater participation in territorial activities;
  • the attraction of human and financial resources from outside;
  • the enhancement of internal human and financial resources;
  • a greater motivation of the operators and the community in general towards virtuous paths of development.

The portal has long-term benefits brought by the effective communication and produced added value of knowledge. The portal has a positive impact on the entire local economy by promoting the growth of the companies’ added value.

The portal discusses two main elements of responsible behaviour. First, the portal serves as a place for self-assessment aimed at an internal analysis and understanding of the ongoing processes that serve as ethical practices. Secondly, the platform gives visibility to the Chamber’s activities, with the hope that the shared good practices can be applied to other organisations.

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