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Organisation name AMA – Administrative Modernisation Agency

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Contact person: Sílvia Esteves


The Portuguese government, through the Agency for Administrative Modernisation (AMA), is committed to modernising public services and improving citizens’ experiences. This effort is driven by the recognition that public services are no longer defined by physical location, but by their ability to address citizens’ needs efficiently. Recognising the growing importance of digital services, AMA identified a critical gap: the lack of a standardised approach for designing and developing these services. This fragmented landscape resulted in inconsistent user experiences and hindered the overall digital transformation of the government.


Mosaico was created by AMA to address this challenge. It aims to establish a common framework for all public administration entities, ensuring a unified experience for citizens regardless of the specific service or government agency involved. This framework emphasises user-centricity, aiming to deliver digital services that are user-friendly, reliable, efficient, trustworthy and accessible. Ultimately, Mosaico seeks to become the standard paradigm for digital public service development, enabling the government to meet the growing demand for digital transformation.


Mosaico is being developed by a dedicated team within TicAPP, the Digital Competencies Centre for Public Administration, a unit of AMA. The team comprises specialists in project management, development, product ownership, user experience design and agile methodologies (Scrum). Mosaico leverages existing common platforms and components, ensuring efficiency and facilitating ongoing improvements. A crucial aspect of the project is stakeholder engagement and continuous communication. This will be essential to promote the widespread adoption of Mosaico across the public sector and ensure its successful integration into existing practices.

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