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Contact person: Agnieszka Kania

The intranet is a portal created in Statistics Poland to provide the official statistics with efficient and functional internal communication. Statistics Poland (GUS) is an office of government administration that operates under the direct management of the President of Statistics Poland. Apart from the President of Statistics Poland, official statistics services consist of directors of sixteen regional statistical offices located in Polish cities as well as service units of public statistics (Central Statistical Library, Research and Statistical Educational Centre, Statistical Computing Centre and Statistical Publishing Establishment). Thus, the intranet has become a basic tool of internal communication policy and has supported an information policy in the field of Polish public statistics.

Thanks to the intranet, effective collaboration and sharing information between Statistics Poland, regional statistical offices and service units of public statistics is provided. The tool is used in the statistical work environment and its employees to be informed of the newest regulations, updates and decisions made by President of Statistics Poland and the Civil Service Director of Statistics Poland regarding organisation policy and government.

Moreover, the employees are given information about current social and cultural activities regarding the idea of corporate social responsibility. The activities posted on the intranet concern social aspects:

  • increasing employee engagement in social campaigns and integration activities;
  • counteracting exclusion;
  • providing information related to the needs and expectations of employees;
  • easy access to social activities.

Hence, the intranet has become a main tool to provide reliable and efficient governance, a coherent source of cultural and social information and a basic tool regarding corporate social responsibility activities.

Overall, the intranet enables the official statistics work environment to showcase its contribution and commitment in the Sustainable Development Goals implementation. The tool helps to provide the employees with information about possible preventative medical tests as well as proactive, health-promoting initiatives taken by ministries or other state entities. Besides, the employees are informed about social campaigns regarding important issues such as disabilities and their social aspects, ecological awareness and environmental responsibility. Thanks to the intranet, informational and educational brochures based on reliable sources can be published as well.

The intranet has had a positive impact on the integration process in the working environment. The employees are frequently invited to take part in social and integrative initiatives such as quizzes, artistic or cultural competitions, and charity events. Moreover, thanks to the posts and posters the official statistics community is informed of the basic aspects of each activity: the date of the event, possible contribution and expected results. Moreover, the effects of social campaigns or events are posted on the intranet as well. The typical summary of the initiative includes the information related to the number of participants, their contribution to the activity and the photo gallery. As for the competitions, the names of the winners and the awarded works are also presented on the intranet.

The team of Statistics Poland is currently effectively making use of the intranet and is looking at new ways of improving the platform. The intranet has enhanced the innovations regarding digital administration and has supported the idea of corporate social responsibility in the official statistics. As a useful tool, it has made the working environment more friendly and open to employees’ expectations and needs.

Thanks to the intranet, efficient, comprehensive and coherent governance has been implemented. Besides, the official statistics shared on the intranet portal have developed the idea of digital administration to provide sustainable management, accessibility and environmental awareness.

The intranet as part of digital administration is divided into many pages and sites. The main page of the intranet was designed to provide the employees with easy and quick access to the news from Statistics Poland and other statistics offices. The concept has been designed by the graphic design team. Information posted on the intranet has been managed by the team of CSR and the Internal Communications Unit, Educational and Communication Department.

Examples of the sites on the home page:

The “Wane” [Important] tab contains the important current events in Statistics Poland, whereas the tabs such as ‘COVID-19’ and ‘Suba BHP’ [‘OSH’] inform the employees about the prescriptions, recommendations and restrictions relating to the workplace and remote working in the pandemic.

Besides, the COVID-19 tab contains the posts based on the reliable sources prepared by the ministries and governmental medical entities. As for the social aspects of the intranet, it is worth emphasising the significant role of the ‘Badania profilaktyczne’ [Preventative medical examinations] tab. It was made to inform employees about the availability of free medical tests that the employees can take part in.

The ‘Factualness’ [News] tab shows the latest initiatives taken in Statistics Poland. Regarding social aspects of the intranet, the tab involves integrational activities such as quizzes and competitions. The employees are invited to take part in the social campaigns organised by the CRS team. The campaigns frequently involve ecological and environmental issues as well as educational aspects of disabilities.

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