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Contact person: Fabrizio Giulio Luca Pilo




The ‘Face to Face with Companies’ project, developed by the University of Cagliari’s Job Placement Office, tackles a prevalent issue in the job market: the disconnect between students and graduates seeking employment, and companies struggling to find suitable candidates. Recognising this challenge, the university, with its vast student population (around 25 000) and existing company collaborations, undertook the initiative to create a direct and accessible communication channel between these two groups.


The project addresses the specific difficulties faced by both students and companies. Students and graduates often find themselves overwhelmed by the vast amount of information available online, making it challenging to identify the most relevant and reliable sources. They struggle to understand precisely which skills are in demand and lack clear guidance on finding and contacting potential employers. Companies, on the other hand, express difficulty in attracting individuals with the specific skillsets they require and reaching out to a broader pool of qualified candidates. This project aims to bridge this gap by providing clear, concise and readily accessible information to both stakeholders.


The project’s innovative approach lies in its use of short, three-minute video interviews filmed by company representatives using smartphones. These videos address three key points: company introduction, desired profiles and contact information. The university’s Job Placement Office plays a crucial role in editing and uploading these videos to their official YouTube channel, ensuring easy access for a wider audience. The Communication Office further amplifies the project’s reach through various promotional activities. Additionally, the Job Placement Office actively engages students and graduates by organising workshops on career guidance, strategically incorporating these video presentations into their sessions.

The project’s success is attributed to its efficient use of existing resources. No specific funding allocation was required, and collaboration between the Job Placement and Communication offices, coupled with willing company participation, facilitated the project’s smooth implementation.

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