Support Videos for Women in Challenging Situations



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Organisation name Frauenservice Wien

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Contact person: Claudia Throm

The Covid-19 crisis has had an enormous impact on women and their lives. Due to home schooling, home office, lockdowns and similar restrictions, the need for care work expanded at the expense of women. The situation was extremely challenging for women who in general work more in the care and health sector, under pressure reinforced by the measures taken to contain the pandemic. The Covid-19 crisis has therefore escalated difficult situations and especially for women. To offer first support for women on a low-threshold level, the Women’s Department of the City of Vienna has completed a project in which four experts offer advice for challenging situations in four short videos. In these support videos, the following subjects and topics have been addressed:

  • Violence in the family – support by a social counsellor
  • Conflicts due to reconcilability – support by a trainer
  • Gender-based sexual violence – support by a social worker and expert
  • Conflicts in the workplace – support by a psychologist

The main goal of the project has been to support women on a low-threshold level by reaching as many of them as possible in an easily accessible way. The experts communicated different information and support mechanisms in these difficult situations. Simple tasks like breathing exercises or reflecting the respective personal situation can sometimes be a first step to feeling less overwhelmed. The reassurance that affected women are not alone in the situation can change the way they feel. Of course there are situations where it is crucial to find professional help as soon as possible, for example if women are victims of gender-based violence. The videos were produced in cooperation with the film-maker Cordula Thym.

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