Supply of road safety equipment to improve the safety of the road network



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Organisation name Municipality of Palaio Faliro

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Contact person: Yiannis Fostiropoulos/ Maria Dimitroulia

The project aimed at improving the safety conditions of the municipality of Palaio Faliro (Greece), by reducing the number of accidents at the intersections of roads. To do so, the municipality installed an independent system, consisting of a STOP sign with integrated high-power LEDs, combined with pavement reflectors (catseyes) with integrated LEDs. The STOP sign system with integrated LEDs reduces accidents at dangerous points by warning drivers in a timely and reliable manner, to reduce accidents.

The project benefited the residents of Palaio Faliro through the overall increase in road safety in the field of road accident prevention. The benefits of installing the system include the improvement of the visibility of the horizontal and vertical road signs; likewise, the active safety of the road network due to the new road signs. Moreover, the project contributed to increasing the feeling of safety of the road user when driving on the road, leading to the reduction of accidents caused at the location of the installation.

This implementation was completed in 2020, and it was extended for the following years of the municipal term. The service has continued to collect data – including through citizen reports – such as ‘eRequests’ on the municipality’s website. The team, consisting of scientific and technical experts, evaluates the requests and analyses the data to expand the installation of the application. In this way, the project promotes the safety of the residents in a sustainable manner.

The system is highly innovative; some of its specifications include:

  • a photovoltaic STOP announcement system with eight LEDs;
  • three pieces of LED signage devices (pavement reflectors/catseyes) wired to each other and to the central controller;
  • a photovoltaic (PV) panel with a microprocessor control unit that reduces the brightness of the LEDs during the night to prevent driver blindness, permits battery protection from full discharge, and programmability of the rate and duration of the emission/deactivation pulses (flashing).
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