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Organisation name Digital Evidence Examination Department/Forensic Sciences Division/Hellenic Police

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Contact person: Armen Arsakian


The project EXECUTIVE (EXtending and Empowering the Capacity of digital evidence examination through the procUremenT of specialised hardware and forensIc software, and releVant training of policE personnel) aims to develop the capacity of the Digital Evidence Examination Department (DEED), the national entity responsible for examining seized digital devices from crime scenes in Greece. EXECUTIVE aimed at strengthening the effective use of digital technology within DEED’s activities. Therefore, the technical infrastructure was upgraded to help the personnel achieve their maximum potential. In addition, the staff participated in technical training on relevant digital forensic topics.

After the completion of the project, the impact was noticeable at two levels. Firstly, the coverage of artefacts extracted from seized evidence was increased, resulting in more detailed reports. Secondly, the examination time was shortened. As a result, while the average case examination time decreased, the number of examined cases increased.

The updated reports can be used by the recipient agencies and authorities to strengthen their case against a defendant, uncover hidden connections with unknown people and provide fresh leads for an open case. Additionally, training sessions improved first responders’ field performance by increasing their operating capacity. Thus, the recipient authorities of DEED benefited since they received their responses more quickly and with more documentation. The ultimate beneficiaries of this effort are the citizens, who are expected to feel safer as a result.

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