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Contact person: Sauro Angeletti

The project Digital Skills and Knowledge for PA (DSKPA) aimed at promoting digital skills and literacy within the Italian public sector. The Italian government has demonstrated its commitment to the digitisation process through the definition of the National Strategy Plan for digitisation (of the country), recently approved by the Ministry for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition – in which the project DSKPA was included.

The project DSKPA aims to encourage digital transformation processes and to improve the level of public services, allowing civil servants to increase their digital skills by accessing customised training plans based on a structured and homogeneous training gaps assessment. Furthermore, it promotes self-recognition and skills mapping activities in administrations, to favour more effective personnel management policies.

First, DSKPA developed a shared and common ground of knowledge and skills within the public sector administrations, covering technological innovation and digitisation issues. Second, the project arranged a digital platform designed for any public administration to assess public servants’ gaps in digital competences. Third, the programme incentivised the reduction in these gaps by supporting the definition and implementation of ad hoc training paths. Therefore, public administrative capacity would be reinforced, and the pace of the digital transformation accelerated.

Currently, the project is well integrated in the Department’s future activities due to its long-term commitment and the integration in the National Strategy Plan for the digitisation of the country. The project looks at ways it can further strengthen the digitisation in the Italian public sector. The project could support and hasten the transition towards open government, by strengthening public administrations’ knowledge of the eGovernment principles and enhancing awareness over the digital citizenship’s ideas, following a data-driven approach.

In addition to the pilot group, DSKPA received requests from: 8 regions, 4 universities, 15 chief towns, 2 Unions of local municipalities, other small local municipalities of Puglia, and 2 national institutes. In 2021, the number of civil servants assessed is around 1000, but the involvement of more than 33 000 employees by autumn 2022 has already been planned.

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