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Organisation name Centre of International and European Economic Law

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Contact person: Virginia Tzortzi

The Covid Law Lab constitutes an innovative project created and implemented by the Centre of International and European Economic Law (CIEEL). The project focuses on evaluating and continuously monitoring the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on four crucial aspects of EU law, which have been chosen for their topicality and relevance. The chosen aspects are fundamental freedoms, protection of personal data, public procurement and state aid.

The Covid Law Lab is based on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in the economies and societies of the EU Member States being present long after quarantine measures and restrictions are lifted. The novelty and relevance of the Covid Law Lab lie in its presentation of the latest developments in terms of legislation, case law and bibliography at an EU and national level. This is across the chosen four fields and addressed to EU citizens, businesses and public sector organisations at both national and EU levels regarding topical and important topics that affect people. The mission of the Covid Law Lab is built upon ensuring a better Europe for citizens where information, legislative measures, judicial decisions, political developments and research are readily accessible.

The Covid Law Lab provides the opportunity for citizens, businesses and public sector entities to ask legal questions related to the topics the Lab deals with. These are answered by its specialised team of EU law experts in the respective fields. The development and implementation of the Covid Law Lab are built upon the expertise of CIEEL in issues of EU law, fundamental rights, personal data and the operation of the State Aid and Public Procurement Units. The regular update of the content of the Covid Law Lab and the drafting of newsletters on a quarterly basis is further accompanied by the publishing of authentic legal research carried out by its personnel.

The impact of the work undertaken in the context of the Lab is significant, given the increase in new users of the Covid Law Lab website and their engagement with its content. This indicated an increased interest of the target groups of the Covid Law Lab – citizens, businesses and public sector entities – in staying informed and up to date with the latest developments in the four chosen sectors of EU law. Because the Covid-19 pandemic has prompted legal, financial, societal and institutional changes, the team has continued monitoring, evaluating and conducting legal analysis even after Covid-19 cases decreased.

Since the start of its operation in September 2020, the research team of the Covid Law Lab has gathered, categorised and uploaded a significant number of documents published by different authors and found in various sources. Thus, it has achieved the goal to provide topical, relevant and updated information to citizens, businesses and public sector entities. The Lab has also drafted and published three research documents providing CIEEL’s legal insight into important and interesting matters that have arisen regarding the vaccination policy of the EU and its Member States. Those three documents are the basis of the Commission’s mandate on:

  • procuring vaccines on behalf of the Member States;
  • the export requirements for Covid-19 vaccines and related active substances
  • the concerns that have been raised regarding mandatory vaccination;
  • the digital green certificate;
  • the principle of non-discrimination.

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