City Deal Zicht op Ondermijning


The Netherlands

Policy areas

Organisation name Department of Internal Affairs in co-operation with ICTU

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Contact person: Drs. A.A.J.M. (Toine) Dam, Project Manager

The City Deal Zicht op Ondermijning (View of Undermining) started in mid-2017 with several central and local governments in the Netherlands. Twenty different governments signed an agreement with the focus to learn and develop a new way to better understand subversive crime with data analyses.

The analyses were carried out with data from the Central Bureau of Statistics. Subsequently, insights were developed and sets or combinations of indicators and search areas, for themes such as property fraud and drugs, were narrowed down. In this way, the governments can implement measures more targeted in those areas or features, where the data see significant and inexplicable deviations. That is very useful since often, governments have limited capacity to carry out all their tasks at this regard.

The method applied in this project meets all the privacy standards; all data used is pseudonymised before it is used in analysis and no disclosure of individuals’ or companies’ details takes place. The insights that are developed are shown and explained on a transparent and public dashboard. These are discussed with experts from all relevant fields and the outcome is used for preventive policies and operations. The dashboard displays the outcome too, so that all organisations can use analysis results and consequent outputs and focus on the areas where they have more scarce capacity. It is used by local governments and police, but also by the Regional and National Information and Expertise Centres, banks and electricity suppliers, to mention just a few. All the activities, processes, designs and algorithms for example are described, verified and validated by experts. They are checked by the Central Bureau of Statistics, so that all the lessons learnt, and the method developed can be transferred to a standing organisation and it can be continued.

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