EIPA discusses reforms of the EU institutional design


During the round-table discussion on ‘The New EU Institutional Reality – the Political and Institutional Landscape for Future Integration’ in late November, EIPA’s expert on EU governance Dr Sabina Lange presented her analysis of the discussion on the reform of the EU institutional design. This discussion is taking place within the framework of the Conference on the Future of Europe, and the potential reforms fall under the topic of European democracy. This is one of nine topics and is the one which received most attention by citizens, according to the report on the activity on the digital platform of the Conference published in September.

The event highlighted various open issues concerning the future relationship between the EU and its members, as well as the directions the discussion is taking in relation to them. The focus of the event was on the countries of the Western Balkans and on the future of the European Union. In her presentation, Dr Lange focused on the opportunities and risks related to increased citizens’ participation at various levels of governance in the EU.

Following the participation in the round-table discussion, the speakers combined their initial remarks and produced a policy brief. This suggests that the EU deepens further integration to go back to its starting position of strengthening unity and dividing responsibility for promoting European values, for Member States and the candidate countries equally.

Read the full policy brief here

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