Herwig Hofmann

Expertise: Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Luxembourg


Professional experience

Professor Hofmann is member of numerous international and national scientific organisations, is member of the scientific boards of several legal journals. He was the University of Luxembourg’s first Professor of Law (2004) where he was also founder of the Centre for European Law (2006), Jean Monnet Professor (2012-2015) and founder of the Robert Schuman Institute for European Affairs (2015-2021) a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence.

Prior to joining the University of Luxembourg, he was full time lecturer in law at Trinity College Law School in Dublin, Ireland. Professor Hofmann has held visiting positions at institutions in Europe (including at Sciences Po in Paris and the EUI in Florence), in the US (including at Columbia Law School in New York and the University of San Francisco Law School) and in Asia (at Chuo University in Tokyo). Hofmann is a graduate of the Universities of Oxford (M.Jur) and Hamburg (Dr.iur).

Professor Hofmann has conducted numerous projects and is the author and co-author of books in the field of EU public such as ‘Administrative Law and Politics of the European Union’ (1st ed. Oxford 2011, 2nd revised ed. Oxford 2021, forthcoming) and ‘Principles of EU Public Law and Administration’ (Oxford, 2022, forthcoming). He has also published as books and articles on structural developments within the EU including The External Dimension of EU Agencies (Elgar, 2018) and EU Administrative Governance (Elgar 2006).

In the field of EU economic and regulatory law, Hofmann is publishing a volume ‘Specialised Matters of EU Administrative Law’ (Oxford 2018). Multi-annual research projects on EU constitutional law and regulatory changes have led to the publications of the ‘The Metamorphosis of the European Economic Constitution’ and a book ‘State Aid Law of the European Union’ (Oxford 2016) looking at the influence of State Aid law on the development of EU public law principles.

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