Edoardo Ongaro

Expertise: Professor; former President, European Group for Public Administration


Professional experience

Edoardo Ongaro is Professor of Public Management at The Open University, UK. His expertise is in comparative public administration and the public policy-public administration nexus, and he is widely knowledgeable of public management reforms in Europe and other regions of the world.
His research focuses contextual influences and adaptation of public management practices to local circumstances, also bridging scholarship and practice by working extensively on the issue of ‘how to learn from practices that work, for adaptive transfer and replication’.

He is Immediate Past President of EGPA, the European Group for Public Administration, having served between 2013-2019 as President of EGPA, the leading learned society in Europe for public administration, public management and public governance studies. He is a Member of the Council of Administration of the International Institute of Administrative sciences (IIAS).

He has served in various academic and expert committees and has contributed to numerous international research projects. He is invited to present his research works in universities throughout the world as well as International Organisations like the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) or the World Bank, and the European Commission. Professor Ongaro is a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences and Fellow of the Joint University Council of the Applied Social Sciences.

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