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Contact person: Urška Starc

The project aimed at providing citizens with an online one-stop shop service, where they receive all the information about administrative measures for reducing administrative and legislative burdens. It enables systematic collection, resolution and monitoring of the implementation of proposals.

The preparation of improved regulations and the elimination of administrative barriers has been handled by the Ministry of Public Administration, which often noticed that more and more citizens, business entities, interest associations and public servants are greatly burdened by administrative barriers, which arise from legislation. At that time, the ministry did not have a special channel or electronic address to which the public could send their questions, proposals, initiatives and complaints. Therefore, many proposals or initiatives did not reach the appropriate recipient.

Since the ministry noticed that the elimination of administrative barriers was a current topic and is necessary in Slovenia, the team set up the online portal ‘STOP the Bureaucracy’. The STOP the Bureaucracy portal plays a key role. It represents a link between the administration that prepares regulations and controls their implementation and the public, who can find information about the administrative measures for reducing administrative and legislative burdens in one place.

The public can use this portal to monitor proposals, initiatives, and their implementation and effects in one place. The website intended for proposals provides access to statistics on initiatives at any time. It provides initiatives in response to the competent authority through the Coordinator or the Deputy for Better Regulation. The coordinator within the ministry concerned receives a response and sends it for review, then the initiator is notified. Cooperation with the Interministerial Working Group on Better Legislative and Business Environment – approved by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia – represents systematic and unified cooperation, which has many positive effects.

The STOP the Bureaucracy portal enables users to notify/report administrative burdens they encounter, whereby information about barriers is forwarded to the competent authority. In this way, users contribute to the common goal set at the beginning of the project – to improve the legislative framework and make the economy more efficient.

Since its implementation, the portal has been publicly accessible to all citizens and entrepreneurs who come into contact with the state during the business process or in their daily lives. It is also available to legislators and other employees of the state administration who are experiencing administrative procedures in their work.

To ensure maximum usability, the ministry regularly organises content workshops which, using different methods of work and techniques with target groups, determine their needs for additional improvements of the portal.

Since its implementation, the website has:

  • more than 570 proposals, of which 500 are already realised and completed;
  • 50 000 users;
  • 110 000 page views monthly;
  • 90% returning visitors;
  • 10% new visitors.

The biggest achievements are:

  • Until 2018, over EUR 420 million per year of savings were realised, based on changes in regulations and simplification of procedures on an annual level, accounting for more than 30% of the administrative burdens perceived and measured by SCM Methodology.
  • A uniform set of measures has been put in place, which allows for an overview of all the measures taken by responsible authorities by priority, overseeing their realisation and an advanced search engine that enables customised user data outputs.
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