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Organisation name Municipality of Alimos

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Contact person: Kalliopi Chalari

Through this project, the municipality of Alimos, Greece, follows the aim of revitalising the appearance of the public spaces by decorating with street art the metal enclosures of the serving area interface (SAI). This action was envisioned by the local authority and carried out with great success, appealing to people both at national and international levels.

The inspiration came from young artists who were involved in street art; in other words, the act of painting on a variety of objects in public spaces. The desire of the municipality to transform the poorly maintained SAIs that are scattered across the city into unique creations was made known through a public announcement and the project was promoted on social media platforms. The youth responded to the invitation, shared their ideas and suggestions, and started working.

Each design was carefully chosen with the main goal being the harmonious integration with the atmosphere and surroundings of each location. The municipality provided resources and the means for the artists. The artistic team of a young organisation offered its services to create incredibly beautiful recreations of paintings on almost every SAI in the area. Ultimately, the SAIs were transformed from simple metal boxes that are used to house electronic equipment into works of art, creating a public outdoors art exhibition.

Currently, the city of Alimos is an area for many street art projects – the paintings have not been destroyed. The city became more attractive and visually pleasing, also cleaner because the citizens care more about the common use areas. It has been proved that all residents respect the environment by not littering.

Paintings of prestigious Greek artists, but also of world-renowned artists, were recreated. Depictions of paintings  by Vincent Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, Edvard Munch, Rene Magritte and many other artists decorate various neighbourhoods in Alimos.

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