Innovative technics restart and reform governance IN-TE-R-REG



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Organisation name Managing Authority of the European Territorial Cooperation Programmes

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Contact person: Samakovli Aikaterini / Karatzopoulos Dimitrios

The public sector of Greece had to quickly adapt to teleworking due to the Covid-19 restrictions related to working from the office. This change needed an effective continuation of the operation of public services from physical boundaries to digital. Thus, the project aimed at strengthening the capacity of the Greek public sector to operate in digital or hybrid forms.

The project immediately supplied the executives with laptops and installed the necessary software on all laptops. All relevant staff members were trained in electronic document handling and had access to a user manual. They learned how to sign a document and circulate it to be signed, have protocols applied, and be sent then archived electronically. The next step was the adoption of the digital signature, which completely abolished the distribution of hard copies. This resulted in a reduced processing time of a document, and savings in resources and storage space.

The implementation of the new procedures was highly beneficial for the public servants. First, all the processes within the organisation were effectively continued, leading to cuts in administrative costs. The digital tools and software programmes improved the effectiveness of the teams. Moreover, the adaptation and the immediate use of innovative techniques led to informed decision-making and time efficiency for the entire organisation. Furthermore, the use of new techniques renewed the working philosophy, improved the cooperation among workers, and helped workers feel safer during the pandemic.

While the project was created for strengthening public sector’s adaptability to teleworking during the Covid-19 pandemic, the project was sustained even after the restrictions were lifted. Currently, the public services show increased flexibility regarding teleworking, therefore, the public sector officials are still making use of the practices implemented during the pandemic. The maintenance of such a system proved to be useful for all workers and employers, and new practices were introduced.

The first measure implemented was the supply of logistics equipment and software so that all employees could work safely from home. More precisely, 30 new laptops were procured, VPN software was installed and subscriptions for teleconference platforms were purchased. Additionally, the team supplied executives with cameras, backpacks, USB tokens, etc.

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