EnerCoach – a digital energy accounting platform for municipalities to monitor energy consumption of public infrastructure



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Organisation name SIGI – Syndicat Intercommunal de Gestion Informatique

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Contact person: Anne Hoffmann, Director of Communications, Member of the Board of Directors

First prize winner in category Green in EPSA 2021:

EnerCoach is a user-friendly, data driven, collaborative, inter-administrative energy accounting platform, hosted centrally. Its main objective is to further encourage political leaders to prioritise climate change and reduce energy consumption in their municipalities in Luxembourg.

In its continuing efforts to reduce energy consumption and take action against climate change, the Luxembourg Government launched the national Climate Pact in 2012. The objective of this engagement was to reduce the energy consumption of municipal buildings, infrastructure, lightning and the vehicle fleet with regards to heat, fuel, electricity and water consumption. By signing the pact, the municipalities committed to implementing and using an energy accounting system for their municipal building infrastructure and equipment.

The result of this engagement was the first version of the energy accounting system, EnerCoach, subsequently replaced in 2016 by the new platform developed by SIGI – the Syndicat Intercommunal de Gestion Informatique.

The new, redesigned energy accounting system was created adopting a fully centralised approach and direct integration into the existing municipal business administration, ERP GESCOM. This enabled all stakeholders to access and exchange information through a common user-friendly platform, allowed automated and synchronised updates, and secure real-time data transfers and exchange of views between them.

Among the most important innovations of this renovated platform, there is the possibility to compare national benchmarks, to provide exchange of viewpoints, feedback and knowledge-sharing with the aim of making decisions to achieve a more sustainable country. There are also newly developed export functionalities.

Municipalities are able to inform their citizens, through individually generated energy reports, about the local efforts made to reduce municipal energy consumption and CO2 emissions. These communication exchanges, based on transparent and graphically illustrated data, contribute to increasing awareness about energy topics and consumption among the citizens. The citizens are thus influenced and encouraged to make efforts to optimise their individual energy sources.

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