Digital maturity index for local governments



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Organisation name Open Administration Consortium of Catalonia

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Contact person: Miquel Estapé

The Open Government of Catalonia (AOC) is a public digital agency with the mission to foster the digital transformation of Catalonia’s public sector. It provides e-government services about shared digital platforms, interoperability, digital identity, analytics and change management. AOC has collaborative governance, a citizen-centric strategy and a turnkey approach to provide technology, support, data privacy assistance, legal advice, training and best practices.

The measurement of the digital transformation is essential, but most of the municipalities of Catalonia are small and have many constraints in assessing their digitisation process on their own. They need a turnkey solution to self-assess their evolution with a minimum effort and therefore to support better decisions to foster their digital transformation.

AOC has developed a digital maturity index (DMI) for local governments. It is a composite of 30 key indicators that assess the degree of digital transformation of 988 local authorities: 947 municipalities and 41 counties. It is based on a theoretical framework of three main dimensions: digital rights, use and openness.

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