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Organisation name Madrid Digital Agency

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Contact person: Elena Liria Fernández

The Digital Factory is the response of the Regional Government of Madrid to keep adapting to an increasingly digital society. In public administration, the main aim of digital transformation is to provide increasingly effective and efficient public services to citizens. The implementation of instruments to promote innovation, digitisation and digital transformation in specific territories was promoted by the EU, which set the objective of ensuring that there is a Digital Innovation Centre in each region. In 2020, Digitaliza Madrid, the Centre for Digital Innovation of the Community of Madrid and its Digital Transformation Advisory Council, was created.

The main functions of Digitaliza Madrid are to:

  • advise the Administration of the Region of Madrid on the promotion of its digital strategy;
  • support the Agency for Digital Administration, Madrid Digital, in the development of its digital transformation projects and initiatives;
  • provide indicative guidance to the public and private sector in the implementation of key infrastructures for digital development in the Region of Madrid, facilitating their digital transformation processes;
  • prepare non-binding studies and reports on digital transformation.

Alongside the Innovation Centre, the Regional Government of Madrid is working on the creation of a Digital Factory. With the Digital Factory, the Regional Government wants to count on all the companies in the innovation and ICT sector interested in working on the digitisation of the Administration of the Region of Madrid. It will be a fundamental lever of the new Digitaliza Madrid Innovation Centre.

The Digital Factory was born with the aim of incorporating all the talent, innovation and technological capabilities to accelerate the digital transformation, relying on technological capabilities and cutting-edge experiences of large companies. It incorporates innovation, talent, ideas and entrepreneurship of SMEs and start-ups, proposing more agile and flexible public-private collaboration models and enabling ideas and private initiative to become projects for the Community of Madrid.

The overall objective is to address the digital transformation of the Administration of the Region of Madrid and to facilitate a digital relationship with citizens who wish to do so. In this sense, the Digital Factory will have the capacity to address three key areas of action within the road map of digital transformation of the Region of Madrid:

  • making innovative digital public services that bring citizens closer to the Community of Madrid;
  • using data as a lever for digital transformation to achieve a data-driven government and to design personalised digital services;
  • using disruptive technologies to innovate and develop digital services.

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