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Contact person: Grammatiki St. Papazoglou

The e-Services platform of the city of Athens is a platform that provides a set of services to citizens, NGOs and businesses in the city. Users can request the issue of a document, make online payments, track municipal activities and participate actively in city innovative projects. Users can easily find and use a service without having to visit municipal offices.

The Covid-19 pandemic became an accelerator for speeding up the process of digitising procedures to avoid citizens’ physical presence at municipal offices. Some procedures had to be implemented exclusively electronically, whereas others were designed to require minimal physical interaction. In a short period of time, the city of Athens had to assemble a list of existing citizens’ interactions with the municipality, learn the relevant procedures and evaluate the outcome of their digital conversion. The next step was the selection and prioritisation of the initial list of procedures according to the impact they have if digitised and followed.

Users can submit online requests for a certificate, or a special document issued by the municipality. The request is assigned to a municipal officer who carries out the task electronically. NGOs or businesses may apply for permission to temporarily use a specific public space. Permission can be issued electronically without the need to print anything.

The aim of the e-Services was to combine multiple services into one single platform. Other notable services are making online payments, tracing a document’s assignee based on its ID, ‘Adopt-a-Tree’ and a pet of the city, checking details for businesses with a licence issued by the municipality, submitting a complaint concerning a public space, and paying for car and motorcycle parking through a relevant portal. The engagement of citizens, private sector businesses, residents and NGOs is important for city life, and therefore the platform encourages all actors’ participation.

One planned objective was that the platform should be easily deployed to other municipalities if they wish to use it. After a public call, more than 90 municipalities decided to use the platform in their communities, where 30 of them are using the platform extensively.

The e-Service was implemented in September 2020 and since then, more than 34 000 appointments have been scheduled. In addition, the service for animals in the city enabled the adoption of more than 110 pets. Moreover, 12 000 parking spaces for residents, people with special needs and visitors are managed by the parking service.

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