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Organisation name Divignano Municipality

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Contact person: Francesco Pinto

The AsmeLab project was created to support and accompany the Italian local councils in the digital transition of their hiring actions and competitive recruitment processes. The project aimed at ensuring that councils have the right tools to promote a successful transition for the council and the citizens using the network, and guaranteeing expert support on the legal requirements this sector is regulated by.

The Italian laws that govern public employment have undergone important changes over the years, for example, the candidate applies via certified email or registered mail and the qualification exams or interviews are held in person. The project wanted to improve the existing recruitment processes in public institutions, by introducing two new paper-free elements.

First, the project implemented an exclusive digital platform for the receipt of applications utilising certified mail and the public digital identification system (SPID), unifying all communication related to that position in the platform with remote access. In addition, it promoted the use of digital technology for all the phases of competition for the position, including the examinations with the oral exams carried out in teleconferencing and through the work of the selection boards.

Each local council maintains their administrative independence while being supported to provide a better service to the citizens by the AsmeLab team. As a result, the project has enabled local councils in all the regions in Italy to communicate via virtual channels and to have access to a wide range of applications.

The digital tools are available without any costs; the knowledge base increases as competency and experience are shared, the new technologies eliminate distance barriers and enable the flow of information and communication in a digital and traceable manner. The employment processing times are shortened which translates into savings for the local councils and indeed for everyone involved, as less mobility is required.

Currently, the municipalities are effectively using the digital system, and the project is easily transferable to other municipalities. Since its implementation, the municipalities have achieved cost savings, as these services are provided free of charge, and best practices have been shared among smaller bodies less accustomed to carrying out procedures in digital mode. The dynamic and shared know-how represents the opportunity of a concrete modernisation of administrative processes and improvement of efficiency: the procedures are carried out in digital mode and therefore with full traceability (100%), are faster, safer and have fewer regulatory and bureaucratic errors.

From the date of implementation of the project that dates to August 2020, the AsmeLab project has reached 1717 entities with the nine training sessions held so far, for a total of 10 016 enrolments of employees and local administrators and dedicated to the field of public competitions.

In 2021, 106 entities use the platform AsmeLab, of these 24 entities have already proceeded to publish 48 competitive procedures, 35 have already completed the phase of receipt of applications and 6 have also carried out the competitive tests.

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