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Organisation name Madrid Digital Agency

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Contact person: Elena Liria Fernández


To resolve administrative matters with the Madrid Public Administration, both citizens and civil servants must meet in public offices face to face. This requires them to spend a lot of time to get to the office, even more so since mobility facilities are not always efficient. This scenario does not seem to match with citizens’ lifestyle nowadays based on an increasingly digital society, and the Covid-19 crisis accelerated the development of an innovative solution.

In the framework of the Region Reactivation Plan, in 2020 the Madrid Administration Government proposed several measures among which it is worth mentioning the following:

  • a multichannel appointment request service to carry out administrative formalities;
  • the option of video attendance to deal with the administration;
  • a contactless appointment manager app.

As a result of these initiatives, the 360 Office Model was born to transform the citizen attendance model into more agile, innovative and up-to-date Digital Public Attendance Services. In this regard, the 360 Office Model pursues:

  • an offer of a safer, more flexible and delocalised interaction between administration and citizens;
  • encouragement in the use of digital media by citizens via mobile devices;
  • optimisation of appointment schedules by public service offices;
  • facilitation of attendance for citizens with mobility disabilities;
  • improvement of citizens’ perception of the service provided by the administration.

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