Towards higher prioritization of educational matters involving teachers

CAF Best Practice
Date of publication: 2012

The innovative character of the practice that we have installed as a result of the CAF implementation in our organisation is that our clear vision of strengths and weaknesses in 2008 and the efforts that have been done in order to improve the week points. The use of ICT in education, an improved pupils assessment and the pupils monitoring have been priorities in the strategic plan of the school since 2005, but it seemed to be a quite formal document with lack of impact in the organisation. The visible and documented change from a year to another according to the CAF-assessment led to a better and more efficient organization of administrative matters. More time and energy could therefore be used to focus on educational matters and key performances.

The strategy plan is now a well known document which generates bottom-up initiatives as well as management priorities. The effects are among other that the schools strategy plan is fully implemented in each department. The department heads and most teachers are involved in ICT in education, colleague tutoring and collaboration about pupils assessment. Teamwork and sharing good practices has become part of our learning culture. Economic priorities of key processes are made by the management. Surplus is spent on education activities and not on support processes. We can see animproved integration as for our minority language pupils program, and we expect to see better pupils results on a longer term.

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CAF Snowball Effect

CAF Snowball Effect on Organizational Improvements
January 2022 -
Republic of Slovenia Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (MESS)
, Slovenia
Written by: Marianne Heir
of Ski Upper Secondary School, Norway

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