The Citizen in the CAF action plan

CAF Best Practice

CAF was implemented at four major departments of the prefecture witha key role in providing services to the customers/citizens. The average self-assessment result of the 6th criterion (people results) was 45%. Concerning the areas of improvement for the 6th criterion, the action plans are:

-development of a system to collect, analyzeand evaluate the citizensand stakeholders satisfaction, preferences and perceive quality ( the EPSI model was suggested)

-development of e-governance, a service provided to citizens and stakeholders, a project (financed by the European community & the ministry of economy) for the gathering, analysis and report of citizens/stakeholders requests and for the dissemination of the informationtowards the public

-implementation of ISO 9001:2000 , a project to cover and improve all key processes in theorganization, at this point the target is the continualimprovement of the services provided to the citizens/stakeholders by monitoring their effectiveness, keeping records, taking the necessary correction actions monitoring processes to ensure they are effective

-developmentof a system to monitor and control the outputstowards society/citizens/stakeholders, with appropriate and corrective action where necessary. The target at this point is the regular reviewing of the processes and the effectiveness of the services and their outcomes

-development of a systemized approach to evaluate internally the factors and attributes that may affect positively or negatively the organization’s processes and outputs, in order to keep up with the defined quality standards and to avoid the risks. The SWOT analysis method was suggested

-Continuousimplementation of CAF tool

-Scheduled training schemes, seminars (related to quality management in public administration)open to the public of the prefecture of Kavala, to disseminate the knowledge, to communicate the efforts and to gain the citizen/stakeholders participation


The implementation of certain actionsabove (such as e-governance, ISO 9001:2001) has already started

Written by: Avgitsou Evjenia
Organisation: Prefecture of Kavala
Country: Greece

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