The adaptation programme for new employees and employees returning from maternity parental leave or long-term sick leave

CAF Best Practice
Date of publication: 2012

Děčín has developed its adaptation programme for new employees and employees returning from maternity/parental leave or long‐term sick leave. This programme leads to orientation of the employee after taking up his position and set the rules for the training. Organization wants to get integrated employee into a work team, who is satisfied, informed and who provides good services to citizens/customers.

Děčín has been undertaking the CAF self‐assessment since 2004. On the basis of an annual selfassessment, the city receives a detailed analysis of its activities and an overview of strengths and opportunities to improvement. We are able to define the goals and then specific activities that help us to improve services provided to citizens/customers and improve processes within the office. In self‐assessment there is important to have a team of people who can not only describe particular activities and assess them, but also define good ideas and the way to the further development.

For the human resource management there has been found areas to improvement in the adaptation of new employees or employees who returned after long‐term absence from work. The adaptation programme has been developed by the team of staff consisting partly of members of the CAF team.

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Czech Republic
Written by: Ing. Helena Tomášková
of Statutory city of Děčín, Czech Republic

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