Our school´s journey from “must“ to “want“ because we can

CAF Best Practice
Date of publication: 2012

Founding the English-Slovak Bilingual School in Sučany (Bilingual School of Milan Hodža from year 2003) goes back to 1991 as one of the first projects of the British Government´s newly established Know – How Fund. It was the first and still is the only one fully state-organised bilingual school in Slovakia attended by students at the age of 14 to 19 (all subjects taught in English).

Authors of the good practice will draw on their experience of the educational system and school management that can be characterised by the motto “Embrace change celebrates difference. If we can´t face up change, we die.” The initiative to start a quality approach using the CAF Model was based on a leadership decision after consulting with people at the school.

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Written by: Ľubica Bošanská and Vasil Dorovský
of Bilingual School of Milan Hodža in Sučany, Slovakia

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