Leadership in the European Social Fund Agency

CAF Best Practice
Date of publication: 2010

During 1st self evaluation according to CAF, in 2008, Leadership in the Agency was evaluated relatively low in comparison with the other criteria. By that time the Agency had only formal mission and values, which were not widely known among employees. The link of the values of the Agency with its mission was also deficient. The Vision of the Agency was not formulated at all, the organizational structure was not suitable for the Agency’s prospects and expectations of stakeholders (many project applications were expected to be received, however, the Evaluation Department performing this function was relatively small, therefore, it was expected that the Agency will not succeed to perform the assigned tasks in time). Agency’s staff was not involved enough into decision making.

The Agency’s top management involved staff into formulation of mission, vision and values so that it would be understandable and acceptable to all the employees, and later on could be translated into strategic and operational objectives and actions. Examples provided in the CAF methodology helped to the self assessment group to identify gaps in leadership process and provided several hints how the process could be improved. While searching for the ways how the identified weak aspects of leadership could be improved the Agency analyzed actual experiences of other organizations. External expertise was used for development of new structure, mission, vision, values, and a new strategic plan.

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Written by: Rasa Lapinskaitė
of European Social Fund Agency, Lithuania

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