Improved Quality of Service Delivery

CAF Best Practice
Date of publication: 2010

Quality Management System was implemented in The Tax Office in 2005. The organization defined the processes, established and implemented procedures, instructions and information cards. The Quality Manual became a compendium of information about the system. According to the implemented Quality Policy, the top as well as the middle management is involved in quality issues. Meeting the customer requirements became a goal in the whole organization. This principle has been applied in the certificates’ service procedures.

The first experiences with theCAF model began at the end of 2008. During the year 2009 the CAF Project Group was meeting with the management, Quality Officer and a staff to realise a self-assessment, analyse the processes, review the areas of activity, make an improvement cycle and finally establish four good practices.

“Improved Quality of Service Delivery” was one of the good practices and concerned the certificates’ issue. The management of the office and Quality Officer established the main and specific tasks to obtain the most effective and efficient services.

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Other best practices

Written by: Krystyna Rybak
of Tax Office Zamosc, Poland

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