How did you enhance the notoriety of the office

CAF Best Practice
Date of publication: 2009

In 2005 and 2006 the State Administration Office applied for the Regional Quality Award in Administration Offices category, which was announced by the regional chambers of commerce. We needed a lot of special information, to confirm the quality of our work. Finally in 2006 we won the quality award, first among the administrative offices in the country. Moreover we received it, by the for-profit field.

The award, or more precisely the work we had done from 2004, proved to be an excellent base for further development in several untended area. We also made a survey about the notoriety of the Regional State Administration Office. We interviewed 100 people, and only 50% of them recognize the name of the office and 20% knew what we are doing. The survey pointed out that 81% had never been in contact with the Office, but it also turned out that 89%, who had administered any affair, was pleased with the administration process.

We also analysed the unconcern of the media about our work. So we appointed a goal, which was enhancing the notoriety of the Office among our partners and citizens. We defined 7 key areas, but now we are going to present 3: partnerships with civic organisations, with the media and with universities.

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Written by: Eva Pallai and Gergely Hajnal
of Regional State Administration Office of North Plain, Hungary

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