Evaluation of the teachers by their students, a challenge for Higher Education

CAF Best Practice
Date of publication: 2009

Until September 2009 the HEPCUT, Haute Ecole provinciale de Charleroi-Université du Travail, was a school for Higher Education funded by the French-speaking Community Wallonia Brussels of Belgium (CFWB) an organised by the « Province du Hainaut ». The institution offered more than 25 types of training, Bologna bachelors and masters, in five departments (economy, paramedical, pedagogical, social and technical departments) located on five different sites in three towns (Charleroi, Ath and Tournai).

Since the Decree of 14 November 2002 by the CFWB, when the National Agency for Quality in Higher Education was created (NAQHE = AEQES in French), all schools for Higher Education in French-speaking Belgium have had to initiate a quality approach and to set up self-assessment in order to launch continuous improvement. However, each School got the opportunity to think about its own methodology and was free to choose the quality system that seemed best adapted to its needs and requirements.

Consequently, from April 2003 on, the HEPCUT has chosen to involve all partners and stakeholders (leadership, teachers, students, administration staff and social partners) in relation with the adopted Sequals methodology and initiated an assessment approach based on “strata” and called NSA (Needs and Satisfaction Assessment), cross-applicable to each type of stakeholders.

In order to define the objectives of the overall quality approach, the institutional quality coordinator organised and carried out a CAF analysis of the institution in 2006. Thanks to the approach based on strata the global results was:

  • very good assessment of the learners’ needs and satisfaction
  • good assessment of partners’ needs and satisfaction
  • lack of assessment of people’s needs and satisfaction and of social/environmental impact
  • no teaching assessment at all (not compulsory in 2006)

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Written by: Christine Defoin and Marie-France Dony
of School for Higher Education of the French-speaking Community Wallonia Brussels of Belgium (Haute Ecole provinciale de Charleroi Université du Travail, now HEPH Condorcet), Belgium

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