CAF as a tool for reporting on educational quality and a backdrop for drawing up political objectives

CAF Best Practice
Date of publication: 2010

The work with quality has become more and more a part of the leadership, both in the schools and at the sector level in Nord-Trøndelag. When implementing quality development and the CAF-model, the political level was an important part of the decision-making process, and requester of quality results. This has led us to a closer coherence between challenges in the school, management and political objectives –a constancy of purpose.

With strong political support, the Common Assessment Framework was applied in the educational sector in Nord-Trøndelag County in 2005. After having delivered the 5th Annual Quality Report, the County Council now seems to handle the quality results in a quite adequate way. The CAF assessment results from the sector, both average and individual for the different schools, are used now as the main evidence for setting targets and objectives.

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Written by: Even Fossum Svendsen, Chief Education Officer
of Nord-Trøndelag County Municipality, Norway

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