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Updating CAF Education: The challenges for education and training centers in the post pandemic

18 November 2021
13:00 CET

Background information

With the revision of the criteria and sub criteria of CAF Education 2013, the CAF working group ambition is to review CAF Education and align it with the CAF 2020 for public institutions. In our next edition of ‘EIPA in conversation with’ entitled Updating CAF Education after COVID, on 18 November, we will discuss how to bring CAF Education up to date with the latest developments in the post pandemic era and with the CAF 2020 guidelines.

What will the round-table cover?

  • Has CAF helped you to overcome the challenges faced during the COVID-19 crisis?
  • Which are the good practices implemented by your institutions?
  • What are the lessons learned to manage and prepare better the next crisis?

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