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Shaping the New World of Work: Sustainable and green HRM

4 July 2023
12.45 - 14.00 CET

About the event

Public administration and companies play a crucial role in driving sustainable change and transformation within societies. In today’s world, environmental sustainability is becoming an essential aspect of corporate strategy, and public administration is also changing with a focus on the common good.

With the current developments and expected resource scarcity, the pressure to act has the potential to become more acute. Both companies and administrations need common values, jointly supported action programs, and correspondingly motivated and engaged employees who are committed to ecological issues and ‘think and behave green’. By supporting the people involved, cultural and structural change can be achieved to drive the ecological transformation process.

At the webinar we will explore the significance of green human resources management (GHRM) as a part of sustainable human resources management and how it can help organizations achieve their environmental goals. We will discuss how GHRM can be used to foster a green culture and mindset, the new role of HR management, and how tasks are changing in the face of environmental transformation.

This is a unique opportunity to discover how green HR management can help organizations develop and implement effective environmental strategies and to learn about the important tasks of HR development, recruiting, employer branding, and more in the context of environmental management.

Don’t miss out on this chance to learn from experts and develop your knowledge of green human resources management.

  • Why is green HR management so important for the ecological transformation process?
  • What is the new role of HR management?
  • How are the tasks changing?
  • How can we shape a green culture and mindset?
  • What can we do in terms of HR development, Recruiting, Employer Branding?

Beatrix Behrens, HRM expert at EIPA, tries to find answers to these questions and to generate ideas for your daily work.


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