Vacancy: Public Administration Reform & Innovation Expert

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The European Institute of Public Administration is opening a new seconded position for a:

Public Administration Reform & Innovation Expert


EIPA secondees

Professionals from the EU Member States are invited to join EIPA as a Seconded Expert in Maastricht. In this role you will contribute to the mission of EIPA by providing services in your field of expertise, whilst you will have the opportunity to work with and learn from EIPA’s experienced Experts.

We have a vacancy in the Public Management Unit in Maastricht. We are looking for an experienced professional with a solid background in Public Administration Reform and Quality Management in the public sector to take on the role of Public Administration Reform & Innovation Expert.

Job description

Within the Public Management Unit of EIPA and as a member of our expert/scientific staff, you will be responsible for the acquisition, development, organisation, and delivery of teaching, consulting, and research activities on Public Administration Reform as well for leading the European Common Assessment Framework (CAF ) Resource Centre part of the European Public Administration Network (EUPAN). In this role you report to the Public Management Unit head.

 Main tasks and responsibilities

  • Developing and delivering training activities, research and consulting projects on public administration reform and administrative capacity building
  • Developing and delivering training activities, research and projects on quality management
  • Acquiring new contracts related to training, research and consultancy activities
  • Developing and maintaining partnerships with EU Member States, the European Commission, OECD and other external stakeholders
  • Offering technical and administrative support on the implementation of CAF and other quality management models in the public sector
  • Assisting and managing the European CAF Correspondents network in organizing CAF users’ events and correspondents’ meetings
  • Being in contact with, and acquiring contracts from, the EUPAN network and the respective Presidencies of the EU with the purpose to assist them in organizing public sector events and other activities that they might require

Key qualifications

In addition to your background as an academic and/or practitioner, it is just as important that you have a communicative and business-like personality. Your pragmatic approach allows you to solve problems quickly and to work efficiently. The ideal candidate for this position should have:

  • Master’s degree in public management, political science, or any related subject (a PhD will be an advantage)
  • At least 10 to 15 years relevant professional experience in public administration reform, capacity building and quality management
  • Proven lecturing experience as well as experience in carrying out comparative studies, and/or delivering consulting projects
  • Excellent Project Management skills
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • At ease with distant teaching and more generally speaking with new digital technologies, including the ability to become a user-ambassador of these technologies within a European Public Administration context
  • Fluency in English (spoken and written), fluency in another European language would be an asset
  • Entrepreneurial mindset, and ability to develop a business by identifying opportunities with partners and carry these up to completion
  • Excellent analytical and networking skills
  • Being a national of one of the EU Member States or EIPA’s Member States
  • Ability and willingness to travel (intensively)

About EIPA

EIPA has been leading learning and development programmes in EU public affairs, and our expertise is built on a unique blend of the following:

  • Specially designed learning activities, often including case studies and simulation games, which facilitate interaction and help you apply the acquired knowledge at a practical level
  • Our strong ties and network with the European Commission and other institutions, that help us to provide you with essential insights on the latest EU policy information
  • Active roles of Member States representatives in our Board of Governors that enable us to help you learn from the best practices and current trends from all over Europe

Our core mission is to provide a mix of deep insights and practical knowledge about EU policies, to all professionals related to EU public affairs, with the key objective of further improving their skills and capabilities for efficient management of the policies. We are supported by the EU Member States and the European Commission. We serve officials in national and regional public administrations in Member States, in the European Commission itself, and in other EU institutions. As such, we have developed a vast and strong network across the Member States and various EU institutions, bodies, and agencies. It is the combination of this network and the experience of our experts that enables us to provide cross-national and cross-institutional comparative, analytical perspectives on EU policies, which, along with our problem-solving approach, makes us one of the longest-standing experts in EU public affairs.

What we offer

Professional guidance and mentoring from Head of Unit and colleagues in the unit.

  • Assigned work plan which includes the secondee’s contribution to income generation.
  • Time for co-operation in training or research programmes of common interest to the Member State and EIPA (even if the project is not financed from other sources).
  • Time allocated for the function of liaison officer – which will even be a specific objective in itself with a view to the promotion of EIPA’s added value for the Member States or associated countries.
  • Possibility to work in close connections with EU institutions, governance, decision-making processes, comparative approach of public management in general and of EU-related matters in particular.
  • A thorough experience in working in a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment – establish and expand valuable personal and institutional contacts and networks of European experts in one’s field(s) of expertise.

Conditions of employment

A secondment contract of two years minimum. EIPA’s Conditions of Employment and regulations such as working time, holidays and performance assessment are applicable. The salary will be paid by the seconding country or by EIPA through a parallel increase in the basic annual contribution of their respective Member States.

  • Removal costs covered for secondees, on their move to EIPA by EIPA, on their return to home country by the home authority.
  • Two first months accommodation offered by EIPA.
  • One trip back home per year reimbursed by EIPA.
  • Attractive working time arrangement (based on Dutch Civil service system). Conventional 36 hours a week transformed in 40 hours in practice compensated by 24 additional holidays a year.
  • Office, computer, administrative assistance, well equipped scientific environment and other working facilities.
  • As the other staff members, secondees are subject to yearly targets, work plans and evaluation.


Before appointment, expert staff to be seconded will be invited for an interview by a committee composed of the relevant Head of the Unit and two other members of EIPA’s scientific Staff. This interview will aim at ensuring that expectations of both EIPA and the candidate can match and the candidate will be in a position to contribute actively in EIPA’s development and delivery of training, research and/or consultancy services. The committee will submit their recommendations to the Director-General, who will share his decision as soon as possible with the seconding authority.

The expert seconded to EIPA will bear the title of ‘Seconded National Expert to EIPA’ combined with the official title(s) he/she holds in the home administration or institution. The employment conditions and more information concerning the job content can be obtained from the seconding authority and/or from An Cazaerck, Coordinator Personnel Department EIPA, (tel. +31-43-3296284; e-mail: )


You can send your CV and motivation letter by email to  with reference V0199.
Deadline: 15 September 2020. Your application should be written in English. For more information you can contact:

Ms An Cazaerck
HR Coordinator
Tel.: +31 43 32 96 284

Please note that only applications in alignment with the secondment policy of your administration will be accepted.

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