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The Global GAG Rule: latest developments, future challenges and EU leaders’ opportunities to respond

Event date: 22nd January at 15:00
Location: Webex

What will the Roundtable cover?

  • A concise overview of the Global Gag Rule’s development and its impacts.
  • Potential challenges of the new amendment caused by the US’s existing administration.
  • Past and potential future responses of EU institutions and leaders.

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Petra Jeney

Senior Lecturer at EIPA and author of the EP study, Evaluation of the EU’s Response to the US GAG Rule

Petra Jeney is a Senior Lecturer at the European Institute of Public Administration, specialising in freedom security and justice in the European Union; fundamental rights protection; and constitutional law issues related to the European Union. Petra has also recently authored the European Parliament paper, Evaluation of the EU’s Response to the US GAG Rule.

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Eef Wuyts

Director for European and International Affairs at the European Regional office of IPPF

Eef Wuyts is the Director for European and International Affairs at the European Regional office of IPPF, responsible for promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights both in the context of the EU as a global actor and a leader for this agenda in its own borders. She oversees the liaison function between the IPPF European Network and the EU institutions and is also responsible for implementing European-wide advocacy projects emphasising the importance of a strong European voice at the regional and global level. With an academic background in economics and social sciences and 15 years’ experience in the domain of development cooperation and social change, she became a specialist in advocating in the fields of global health, gender equality and women’s rights, and empowerment of vulnerable populations.

Heather R. Benjamin

Senior Program Officer with the Open Society Public Health Program

Heather R. Benjamin is a Senior Program Officer with the Open Society Public Health Program focused on global health financing, sexual health and rights, and governance for health. She advocates for financing to support socially excluded communities' health and human rights (particularly sex workers, people who use drugs, and LGBTI communities). Prior to joining Open Society, Heather served as the program director for Close to Home, a grassroots non-profit dedicated to preventing and reducing the impact of domestic and sexual violence. Heather has also provided technical assistance and training as a consultant to NGOs on a range of issues across the United States and internationally. Heather is currently a member of the International Steering Committee of the Red Umbrella Fund, a participatory fund that supports the rights of sex workers globally. She also participates in the Private Foundations Delegation to the Board of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria.

Sarah Shaw

Head of Advocacy, MSI Reproductive Choices

Sarah Shaw is the Head of Advocacy at Marie Stopes International, an expert in advocacy for sexual and reproductive rights in the United Kingdom and globally. She is an experienced advocate and programme manager, specialised in influencing and delivering policy at both national and global levels. Throughout Sarah's time at Marie Stopes International, she successfully supported and delivered multiple policy changes in several countries; contributed to raising funds for advocacy programmes; and delivered various advocacy and country training programmes on the matter. Prior to Marie Stopes International, Sarah served as an Advocacy officer and Project manager at the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

Programme and topics

A brief history of the Global Gag Rule up to the latest amendments and overview of impact

Start at 15:00

  • Welcome and introduction
  • The Global Gag Rule’s connections to the Sustainable Development Goals and Human Rights
  • The responses of EU institutions leaders
  • Where to go next? What can be done at the regional and international levels?
  • Wrap up/Final Q&A

End at 16:00

Background information

The Mexico City Policy – better known among its critics as the Global Gag Rule (GAG) – was first introduced by the US administration in 1984. The policy bans US foreign aid funds for organisations which perform abortion services, provide information or counselling about abortion or advocate for it. The impact of this policy on global health, fundamental rights and development has triggered a range of responses by EU institutions and Member States, which have attempted to mitigate the policy’s negative consequences on women’s health and rights, and beyond.

After its latest amendments and further expansion in September 2020, the recent 2020 US elections have given new impetus to discussions over future developments of the Global Gag Rules and how to mitigate its impact.

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