Simona Izzo-

Simona Izzo (External Expert)

State Aid

External Expert

Field of specialisation

Facilitating measures and state aid in the national and European context.

Professional experience

Simona Izzo is an analyst of state aid technical support instruments, both in a national and in a European context.

She has helped various public sector organisations to design, develop, and implement information systems that can efficiently manage public facilities.

Simona is currently in charge of technical support for the creation and use of the State Aid Registry. She deals with the development of ICT solutions and projects in the public sphere. In particular, she works with systems for the management of community programs and that of business incentives, characterised by strong levels of automation and interoperability with public databases.

Simona has a second level degree in business administration from the LUISS University of Rome (IT), with a specialisation in financial markets.

Since 2014, she has been working in INVITALIA SPA, in the European Community programming area, and developed further expertise both in various state aid measures within the context of preliminary investigation phase, and in the analysis and management of data.