Roberta Ribeiro Oertel

Dr Roberta Ribeiro Oertel (DE)

EU Law


Field of specialisation

The constitutional and judicial system of the European Union; Judicial cooperation in civil, commercial and family matters within the EU; private international law; competition law, contract law and alternative dispute resolution.

Professional experience

Roberta Ribeiro Oertel (DE) joined EIPA Luxembourg – European Centre for Judges and Lawyers as a Lecturer in 2013. At EIPA, she designs, manages and implements seminars, training of trainers and research projects and activities within her fields of specialisation for members of the judiciary, non-magistrate court staff and bailiffs, private practicing lawyers as well as for civil servants from national administrations and EU institutions.

Prior to joining EIPA, Roberta worked as a lawyer in Strasbourg (2007-2010) and Brazil for several years (2001-2013). She also represented interests of private companies in Brussels in the field of competition law, arbitration, mediation and international trading (2004-2005). In parallel with her work at lawyer in Strasbourg, she worked for the École regional des Avocats du Grand-Est in Strasbourg (2006-2010), where she was Director of legal training for lawyers responsible for developing and preparing training. Since then, she has been teaching regularly at the École des Avocats de Paris (EFB) in a number of projects related to European law in the field of civil, commercial and family matters.

She studied Law at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, Brazil (1996-2000). She went on to obtain a Master in International Law (2003) from the University Robert Schuman in Strasbourg, France. She received her PhD in International Law from the University of Strasbourg in 2014.


Based in Luxembourg
+352 426 230 212


Book chapters

Ribeiro Oertel, R. (2010) ‘Les clauses d’exclusivité dans les contrats de distribution en droit français et brésilien’, in Storck, M., Vieira da Costa Cerqueira, G. and Morais da Costa, T. (eds.) Les frontières entre liberté et interventionnisme en droit français et droit brésilien. Etude de droit comparé  (Paris: L’Harmattan) pp. 215-231.

Ribeiro Oertel, R. and Vieira da Costa Cerqueira, G. (2009) ‘O direito comercial francês’, in Morais da Costa0 T., (ed.) Introdução ao direito françês, Vol. 2, Juruá, pp. 313-391.


Ribeiro Oertel, R. (2014) ‘Le contrat de distribution intra-communautaire. Les modalités de règlement des litiges : questions sensibles’, Revue de jurisprudence commerciale, No. 6, pp. 397-406.

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Commissioned studies / reports

Ribeiro Oertel, R. and Goldschmidt, P. (2017) ‘The Training of Court Staff and Bailiffs at the European Union Level’, in Compilation of briefings for the JURI committee and for the LIBE committee, Directorate General for the Internal Policies of the Union, Policy Department for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs, PE 583.134-March 2017, pp. 39-46.