Harrie Scholtens

Harrie Scholtens (External expert)

Local Government

External Expert

Field of specialisation

Local government; Change management and risk management; Governmental benchmarking; HRM; Implementation of local e-Government; Client orientation in local government; Cooperation and merging of municipalities.

Professional experience


Harrie Scholtens (NL) is an Expert and Programme Organiser Coordinator at EIPA Maastricht. Previously, he worked as Secretary/City Manager of the former Municipality of Middelharnis in the Netherlands.

As a change manager he was responsible for the modernisation of two organisations in different municipalities, in which a fresh view of internal and external communication and citizens’ participation was crucial. The modernisation was realised from the bottom up, and his leadership can be characterised as people-orientated. From 2010 to May 2012 he was in charge of the project team for the merging of four municipalities on the island Goeree-Overflakkee in the Province of South Holland in the Netherlands. Also in this case, citizens’ participation, as well as internal and external communication, were important factors.

He has represented the Dutch Organisation of City Managers in national working groups in the field of e-Government.

Harrie Scholtens is co-author of the book ‘Weathering the Storm: Creative EPSA Solutions in a Time of Crisis’ published by EIPA, and he has also written two publications for the ‘Governance Connect’ website about merging municipalities and developments in public administration.

In 2018 he was awarded the Primo Risk Management Award for his role as Project Leader for EPSA 2017.



Bosse, J., Burnett, M., Møller Nielsen, S., Rongione C. and Scholtens, H. (eds.) (2015), The Public Sector as Partner for a Better Society, EIPA 2015/02, 126 pp.

Bosse, J., Burnett, M., Heichlinger, A., Rongione, C. and Scholtens, H. (eds.) (2013), Weathering the Storm: Creative EPSA Solutions in a Time of Crisis, EIPA 2013/02, 114 pp.

Commissioned studies / report

Scholtens, H., Unfried, M. Van stilstand naar verandering – praktische oplossingen voor veretering van de arbeidsmobiliteit in de grensregio, EIPA 2013, also available in DE. The study has been conducted upon the request of the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations by the European Institute of Public Administration of Maastricht.