Fabrizio Rossi

Fabrizio Rossi (IT)

CAF Desk Officer


Professional experience

Fabrizio has joined EIPA in October 2017 as CAF Desk Officer, he is responsible for the daily activities of the Common Assessment Framework, as well as seminars and training courses organized by the institute. He has also been involved in managing meetings with EU member states representatives, and in managing developments and revisions of the new version of the CAF 2020. Fabrizio was involved in the organization of the 8th CAF User Event and of the CAF Working Group meeting between the Member States representatives in Sofia. He’s also been a speaker in various events in Italy on the CV Europass and the European Personnel Selection Office.

He holds a diploma in Social Sciences and a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Oxford Brookes University and also studied as a postgraduate student at the University of Maastricht.