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The project is being implemented by EIPA Luxembourg – European Centre for Judges and Lawyers (ECJL) in partnership with KSSIP – Krajowa Szkola Sadownictwa I Prokuratury in Poland.

EU criminal law has reached the point when all its major tenets namely, judicial cooperation in criminal matters, substantive criminal law and procedural guarantees in criminal procedures have been addressed with comprehensive legislative instruments supported with ample judicial practice both at the European and at the national level. EU criminal law has gradually become a complex regulatory field of the EU, the understanding of which requires a more structured approach in training activities as well. While trainings for legal professionals tackling specific themes of EU criminal law remain important there is a parallel need to ensure the general understanding of EU criminal law in a more systematic fashion. Simply building on pre-existing knowledge of national criminal law and explain individual EU criminal law instruments so that they fit in to the overall understanding of the law to be applied to the underlying case is not sufficient anymore to appreciate the effective reach and designated features of EU criminal law. The proposed action is designed to specifically address this gap by offering a guided learning paths to ensure a general understanding of EU criminal law, explaining EU competences, principles, regulatory choices and instruments so that the drivers and current issues of EU criminal law are fully appreciated.

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