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EIPA’s publications address key issues for public management, EU governance and EU law, and form an integral part of the institute’s services. They are written either by EIPA’s own scientific staff or by one of our network of external experts. They draw on the insights obtained when EIPA staff deliver activities in the EU institutions or Member States’ administrations, and on the exchanges of national public-sector practices that we organise, as well as our participation in the European scientific and policy community.

EIPA Briefings
Offer concise insights into current topics. They help understand what kinds of challenges can be expected, and what kinds of response can be envisaged.

EIPA Papers
Address matters in greater depth and aim to contribute to policy debate.

EIPA is also commissioned to produce studies and reports, usually of a comparative nature, and conducts its own applied research projects. The results of these activities can also be found here, as well as links to other publications of EIPA experts.

Dr Edward Best about the launch of a new series of EIPA Briefings and Papers

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Heichlinger, A., Aufbau und Strukturen der Europaverwaltung und Koordinierung der Europapolitik auf regionaler Ebene – Eine vergleichende Untersuchung (The set-up and structure of European administrations and the coordination of European policies at regional level – A comparative approach), Research project and consultancy with Christian Engel for the Land Nord-Rhine Westphalia (G), 2000/2001.

Duke S. (2001), Submission of evidence by invite to Sub-Committee C of the House of Lords Select Committee on European Union, ‘Inquiry into Recent Developments in the Common European Policy on Security and Defence’, House of Lords, London, June.

Ivan-Cucu, C.V. (2002) Mémorandum sur l’harmonisation du droit pénal en Europe, Publication du Conseil de l’Europe, AS/Jur/Penal (2002)02, Assemblée parlementaire.

Ivan-Cucu, C.V. (2003) ‘Reparation for torture. A survey of law and practice in thirty selected countries. Country studies – Romania”, The Redress Trust, London.

Heichlinger, A., eGovernment in Europe´s Regions: A Comparative Perspective on the State-of-Play, for the Catalan Government (Generalitat de Catalunya), Barcelona 2002/2003.

Duke, S. (2003), ‘Transatlantic security relations and the Iraq war: CFSP’s nadir?’, in Die Union: GASP und ESVP Fortschritte und Mängel, No. 2, (Wien: Europäische Kommission).

Heichlinger, A., Eymeri, J. M., La coopération transnationale et transfrontalière et l’e-gouvernment, Unpublished paperUniversity of Toulouse, June 2005.

Heichlinger, A., Good governance in delivering sustainable growth: Regions and Municipalities as Promoters of the Lisbon Strategy, for the high level group (HLG) meeting on Governance and the EU, Finnish presidency, October 2006.

Heichlinger, A., Chapters in ALSO Manual for Project Assessment – Looking for guiding principles, published under the INTERACT ALSO project by Marche Region, March 2007.

Goldschmidt, P. (ed.) (2007) ‘Association Agreements’ and author ‘Accession Negotiations’, Handbook on Association Agreements, published by Academia Istropolitana Nova with funding from SlovakAid.

Duke, S. and Keukeleire S. (2007), ‘Liaison Groups and EU foreign policy’, EPC Working Paper No. 28: The EU Foreign Service: how to build a more effective common policy, November.

Duke, S. (2008), ‘The European External Action Service: Thinking though the administrative challenges’, Report for the European Parliament, Directorate-General Internal Policies, Policy Department C, Citizens Rights and Constitutional Affairs, September (Ref: PE 408.315).

EIPA study for the European Commission on the impact on Central America of completion of the single European market (in collaboration with FLACSO, San José, Costa Rica). 1992 and Central America: Impact and Issues (2 vols. 56 pp. + 318 pp.) (1991) Editor and author of the section: ‘Phytosanitary regulations’; ‘Other fruit and vegetables’.

‘Perfiles de cooperación técnica para el fortalecimiento y racionalización de la institucionalidad centroamericana’, (1997).

‘Estrategias y opciones para el fortalecimiento y racionalización de la institucionalidad centroamericana’, (1997).

‘Diagnóstico de la institucionalidad regional centroamericana’ (LC/MEX/R.581/Rev.2, 1996).

Studies for the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Mexico (principal consultant):