Public Sector Performance Programme 2022 Sub-Study: an International Benchmarking study

This in-depth study identifies challenges, shares the most recent advancements and analyses performances across the first four policy areas of Public AdministrationSocial SafetyEducation and Housing. The full research on the policy areas is divided in four sub-studies over a four-year period.

The financial and economic crisis of the past decade and now the Covid-19 pandemic have tested the strength and resilience of governments, prompting a deeper reflection on how to improve public sector performance against the backdrop of austerity policy.

The current edition 2022–2025 will analyse, evaluate and compare the performance of public services, their cost-effectiveness and efficiency in 35 countries across 10 policy areas, taking into account the relevant policy context, regulations and mechanisms that have an impact on the success or failure of public services.

The study will also look into the topic of trust and satisfaction of citizens and stakeholders towards public service delivery. The ultimate aim of the research is to provide policymakers with the opportunity to learn about good practices and the most important factors that contribute to the successful functioning of public services and a high level of achievement of policy objectives.

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