EU Legal Information Resources on the Web – Finding What you need in a Couple of Clicks

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06/07/2021 - 06/07/2021
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€ 400,00 per attendee

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EU Legal Information Resources on the Web – Finding What you need in a Couple of Clicks

From:  360,00

This online course provides participants with a comprehensive and structured guide to a wide-range of mostly free but also commercial internet resources dealing with EU issues and trains them on their proficient use, so that they can retrieve through them the EU info they are after quickly and efficiently.

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About this online course

The official website of the European Union ( is the most extensive digital portal on the net. It is also the point of entry to an immense plethora of digital resources for professionals working with the EU, economic operators who want to pursue business in the EU, citizens and consumers living and working in the EU and academics and scholars researching about the EU. Moreover, countless other websites (either free or commercial) have flourished over the years, augmenting the information offer ready to be accessed even more.

This hands-on, practical and interactive online course aims to: 

  • provide an overview of the most valuable and practical EU information resources;
  • demonstrate which tools to use to obtain official documents quickly, ranging from publications, statistics, open data to legal information about the EU;
  • show you how to intervene in EU consultations as well as express and voice your interests in the making of EU legislation;
  • demonstrate how to find about funding opportunities provided by the EU;
  • give you insights into how to apply to projects and public contracts.

What will you learn?

Thanks to this online course, you will learn how to quickly and efficiently find:

  • policy initiatives, legislative proposals and work programmes;
  • legislation, case law and summaries of legislation;
  • policy papers and press releases;
  • public procurement notices, call for tenders, grants and loans;
  • bibliographical, translation, linguistic and terminological information;
  • contact information, ‘who’s who’ and ‘who’s doing what’ in the EU.

Course methodology

The central element of this online course will be a webinar delivered ‘live’ via ZOOM on 6 July 2021. The webinar will feature a number of content sessions conducted by experts who will offer demonstrations of the most useful websites and databases. All these sessions will be followed by Q&A periods where participants will have the possibility to formulate questions and share professional experiences.

Moreover, the webinar will also feature a final interactive session devoted to the resolution of practical ‘search’ exercises, which will allow participants to develop hands-on expertise by exploring the websites themselves under the experts’ guidance.

The online course will also feature two extra content sessions in the shape of two asynchronous presentations (voiceover ppt.), which participants will be able to access through the course’s online learning platform.

Extensive training and support material (PP presentations, guideline documents, audiovisual material, etc.) will be provided to participants via the course’s online platform.

How will it help you?

By the end of the course, you will have acquired:

  • a toolbox for finding EU targeted information;
  • comprehensive knowledge of crucial EU information resources and search techniques;
  • practical experience in using the main EU and non-EU websites and databases.

Supplementary modules

This online course includes two supplementary modules, which are available on our online learning platform Moodle one week before the start of the webinar. 

The EU’s ‘Who’s who’: 

  • EU Institutions: Institutional Organisation & Charts and Directories; 
  • Expert Groups; and
  • Transparency Register: Civil Society Organisations operating at the European Union level, NGOs etc. 

Publications, bibliographical, translation, linguistic and terminological information 

  • European Commission Library, EU Bookshop
  • IATE, EU Glossary, EUROVOC, Acronyms and abbreviations

Moodle will also act as an electronic repository of the extensive training and pedagogical material (PP presentations, guideline documents, audio visual material, etc.) supporting the online course. Also, a week ahead of the webinar, you will gain access to this material so that you can download it and consult it. Finally, Moodle will also allow you to interact with course experts and other participants already before the webinar, allowing you to raise questions or doubts you may have. 

A guide on how to access and use Moodle will be distributed with the rest of the course material. 

Who will benefit most?

All those who need to be able to find EU information quickly and/or to update their research skills in EU-related matters:

  • EU officials;
  • national civil servants;
  • consultants;
  • information professionals;
  • documentalists and translators;
  • professionals working in interest representation, in the commercial sector and for NGOs.
Clara Cotroneo

Clara Cotroneo

EU Internal and External Security / EU Public Sector Management

Tomasz Kramer

Tomasz Kramer

EU Law / Internal Market

Igor Dizdarevic

Igor Dizdarevic

EU Law / EU Affairs

Practical information

Online Course
For this online course we make use of Zoom

Programme Organiser
Ms Stéphanie Gemnig Comodi
Tel: +352 426 230 301

EIPA offers a discount to all civil servants working for one of EIPA’s supporting countries, and civil servants working for an EU institution, body or agency.

Who are the supporting countries?
Civil servants coming from the following EIPA supporting countries are entitled to get the reduced fee: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden.

For all other participants, the regular fee applies.

Confirmation of registration will be forwarded to participants on receipt of the completed online registration form.

Prior payment is a condition for participation.

Cancellation policy
For administrative reasons you will be charged € 50 for cancellations received within 7 days before the activity begins. There is no charge for qualified substitute participants.

EIPA reserves the right to cancel the activity up to 1 week before the starting date. In that case, registration fees received will be fully reimbursed.

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The programme

08.45 Registration of participants
09.00 Welcome and introduction to the webinar
Juan Diego Ramírez-Cárdenas Díaz, Senior Lecturer, European Centre for Judges and Lawyers, EIPA Luxembourg
09.15 Monitoring and follow-up of legal initiatives and policy priorities

  • Legislative and work programmes (European Commission, European Parliament & Council of the EU) & EU Presidency programmes
  • Access to policy development and input into legal proposals: consultations, impact assessment, etc.
  • Institutional agendas, minutes and calendars
  • Open Data Portal

Clara Cotroneo, Lecturer, European Centre for Judges and Lawyers, EIPA Luxembourg

10.00 Q & A Session
10.15 Break
10.30 Retrieving key legal texts, judicial information and official documents

  • Legislative information (EUR-LEX, N-Lex, Summaries of Legislation)
  • Monitoring EU legislative proposals (EUR-LEX – Legislative procedures, Legislative Observatory)
  • Policy-making information (Register of delegated and implementing acts, Comitology Register)
  • Judicial information (EUR-LEX, CURIA, E-Justice Portal)

 Juan Diego Ramírez-Cárdenas Díaz

11.30 Q & A Session
11.45 Break
12.00 Retrieving key legal texts, judicial information and official documents (Part II)
Tomasz Kramer, Lecturer, European Centre for Judges and Lawyers, EIPA Luxembourg
12.45 Lunch break
13.30 Keeping up to date with EU events, news and developments

  • EU official sources of information (European Commission News Room, RAPID, etc.]
  • Non official sources of information (Web-based news sources, newspapers and newsletters: EurActiv, EUObserver, Parliament Magazine, Politico.EU, etc.)
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs)

Igor Dizdarevic, Lecturer, European Centre for Judges and Lawyers, EIPA Luxembourg

14.30 Q & A Session
14.45 Break
15.00 Information on EU funds and business opportunities with the EU

  • Public procurement notices
  • Call for tenders
  • Grants and loans

Jesús Bores Lazo, Partner-Director, Boleo Abogados SLP

15.45 Q & A Session
16.00 Online Exercises

Participants supervised by experts

17.00 Final Conclusions and end of the online course
17.00 End of the Webinar