The EU Data Governance Framework in The Making

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27/09/2021 - 28/09/2021
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The EU Data Governance Framework in The Making

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This course addresses the EU data governance framework in the making. It illustrates the importance of establishing a well-functioning data governance framework for the European economy; the challenges that this entails and the solutions proposed by the Commission.

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About this online course

In February 2020, the Commission issued the communication ‘A European Strategy for Data’. The communication revealed the Commission’s intention to realise a single European data space, described as ‘a genuine single market for data, open to data from across the world’. According to the Commission, a number of conditions need to be fulfilled for a European data space to be established: personal and non-personal data must freely flow within the EU; compliance with EU law must be guaranteed; the conditions for access to and reuse of data must be clear; and an appropriate data governance mechanism must be in place.

The course will address where we stand in the implementation of the data strategy. Notably, it will focus on the areas where the Commission has been active the most, i.e. the establishment of a data governance framework and the building of sectoral data spaces.

In this online course, participants will learn about the implications of the European strategy for data for the EU and for their own organisations. A wide variety of organisations could be affected by the ongoing initiatives. These include market players, which could benefit from the large availability of high-quality data from the whole internal market, and public bodies, both when data holders and when tasked with policing compliance with the data governance rules (if and when implemented).

What will you learn?

Are you working in/for an organisation whose activity or business development depends upon the availability of large quantities of high-quality data? Or in a public administration? Would you like to know about the implications of the European strategy for data for the EU and for your own organisation within it?

Thanks to this online course you will learn about:

  • The relevant EU law framework for data reuse/sharing/pooling;
  • The data contracts currently used in the market for granting reuse of/sharing/pooling data;
  • The ongoing initiatives to change the regulatory framework for data reuse/sharing/pooling, especially as regards the following three aspects of data governance: reuse of data held by the national public administrations, data intermediation and data altruism;
  • The status of the initiatives to set up sectoral data spaces in the areas of agriculture and manufacture.

Course methodology

The online course will be delivered by means of live streaming during two consecutive days via Zoom.

The webinar sessions will be conducted by experts providing a presentation on key topics. All sessions will be followed by Q&A periods allowing for the exchange of ideas, and discussion periods where participants will have the opportunity to share professional experiences.

Read Martina Anzini’s briefing: ‘The Artificial Intelligence Act Proposal and its Implications for Member States

Read briefing

How will it help you?

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Have a clear understanding of the economic and legal challenges entailed by data reuse, sharing and pooling;
  • Be aware of the relevant EU law framework and the key political objectives of the Commission in this area;
  • Learn about the initiatives already launched by the Commission, especially the Data Governance Act proposal;
  • Understand the significant implications that the proposed data governance framework could have for your organisation, whether you are working for a market player or within a national public administration.

Target group

  • Professionals working in/for organisations that rely on data for their business or development;
  • Civil servants;
  • Officials in the national authorities, which may be tasked to police compliance with the Data Governance Act if adopted;
  • Professionals working in the data intermediation business;
  • Legal professionals dealing with data contracts;
  • Translators who need to acquaint themselves with the legal terminology used in this sector.
Martina Anzini

Martina Anzini

EU Digital Market, EU Law

Florina Pop

Florina Pop

Data Protection

Practical information

Online Course
For this online course we make use of Zoom

Programme Organiser
Ms Stéphanie Gemnig Comodi
Tel: +352 426 230 301

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The programme

09.00 Registration of participants
09.15 Welcome and introduction to the webinar
Martina Anzini, Digital Market Expert at EIPA Luxembourg
09.30 Data reuse, sharing and pooling: its importance for innovation in the EU
Martina Anzini
10.30 Q & A session
10.45 Break
11.00 Data contracts (data sharing, data licensing)

  • Current legal tools for data reuse, sharing and pooling

Alexander Duisberg, Partner at Bird & Bird LLP

12.00 Q & A session
12.15 Lunch break
13.15 Regulatory treatment of data in the EU: non-personal data

  • Open Data Directive
  • Free-flow of non-personal data regulation

Martina Anzini

14.15 Discussion
14.30 Break
14.45 The EU data governance framework

  • European strategy for data
  • Data Governance Act Proposal

Martina Anzini

15.45 Q & A session
16.00 Interim conclusions of the first day
16.15 End of the first day
09.00 The EU data governance framework: a recap

  • European strategy for data
  • Data Governance Act

Martina Anzini

10.00 Q & A session
10.15 Break
10.30 Agricultural data space
Alexander Duisberg
11.30 Q & A session
11.45 Lunch break
12.45 Manufacturing data space
Matthias Kuom, DG CNECT A.4
13.45 Q & A session
14.00 Break
14.15 Personal data protection within the evolving data governance framework

  • GDPR

Florina Pop, Data Protection Expert at EIPA Maastricht

15.15 Discussion
15.30 Conclusions and end of the seminar