Citizen Involvement — the Key to Achieving your Local Policy Goals?

13/05/2019 - 14/05/2019
Location: Dortmund (DE)
Project number: 1925001

Citizen Involvement — the Key to Achieving your Local Policy Goals?

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More and more local governments are drawing the conclusion that local policy goals can only be achieved in cooperation with citizens. How can they involve citizens in a way that brings successful outcomes? How can they decide on the policy areas or projects in which they could get involved – and to what degree?

This seminar will provide you with unique insight into three stand-out cases which won prizes and special recognition at the European Public Sector Award (EPSA; ) and which successfully involved citizens across different policy areas, with demonstrable results in the achievement of their local policy goals:

  • The City of Dortmund as EPSA 2017 winner with the project ‘Nordwärts’; this was a shining example of how citizen involvement and co-creation can revitalise a city district that had been suffering from marginalisation, unemployment, and a lack of infrastructure;
  • The City of Breda as EPSA nominee with the project ‘Robby the Rat’ as an innovative case for involving the education sector in increasing awareness of the need for efficient water management;
  • The Dublin North Central Police Service as EPSA nominee with the project ‘Improved Customer-Oriented Policing in an Age of Austerity’ as an outstanding case demonstrating how citizen involvement and a needs-based approach can give rise to substantial performance improvements.
 How will it help you?

The notion of citizen involvement has been around for at least 30 years. Nevertheless, it is an area in which a great deal of innovation takes place and that requires a strong skills set in order to truly engage with people and listen to their needs and suggestions in coming up with solutions together. This seminar will show you the most effective and innovative ways of involving citizens in the various steps of the policy cycle, from shaping polices and projects to their implementation and monitoring. By looking at three cases from different policy fields, you will gain knowledge of a broad spectrum of citizens involvement tools and be inspired to use them in projects and areas you may not have initially considered.

Who will benefit most?

This seminar is directly relevant for policy-makers (politicians and senior civil servants), but also for front-line staff in local and supra-local government bodies (municipalities, provinces, metropolitan areas, etc.). Thanks to the highly practical and interactive character of this seminar, you will exchange knowledge and ideas with peers and external experts and learn from each other.

Public officials working at other governmental levels and staff from civil-society organisations, think tanks and universities with an interest in this topic are of course also welcome to attend this seminar.

Seminar methodology and highlights

Through the in-depth case studies and the site visits, you will gain a detailed and practical understanding of the initial challenges and processes behind the cases and be able to compare them to your own contexts. You can then apply this experience and the experts’ feedback in shaping your own implementation plan for citizen involvement for your own project(s) and learn how to involve citizens strategically in the delivery of your local policies.

Come to Dortmund and take this one-off opportunity to learn from pan-European award-winning case studies and the practical experience of citizen involvement. Register now!

MONDAY 13 MAY 2019





Registration of participants






Welcome and introduction to the seminar
Harrie Scholtens, External Expert, European Public Management, EIPA, Maastricht






Developments in Citizen Involvement in Public Administration in Europe

  • Why it matters
  • Current context, latest development and challenges

Interactive session with participants
Harrie Scholtens






Coffee break






Presentation of the ‘Nordwärts’ project of the City of Dortmund (DE), Winner of the EPSA 2017 Award in the Local and Supra-local category
Success factors and difficulties in implementing a large-scale project for the revitalisation of a formerly-marginalised district by getting citizens involved
Representative of the project












Presentation of the Robby the Rat project of the Municipality of Breda (NL), EPSA 2017 Nominee in the Local and Supra-local category
Utilising the power of citizen involvement in achieving policy goals in the field of water management and education
Martijn Klootwijk, Project Leader of the project ‘Robby the Rat’






Coffee break






Visit to the Nordwärts Project in Nordstadt in Dortmund
See how the project is working in practice

Walking tour through Nordstadt in Dortmund






End of day one






Reception at Mercure Hotel Dortmund Centrum












Review of day one and introduction to day two
Harrie Scholtens




Presentation of the project ‘Community Policing’ in Dublin (IE), EPSA 2015 Nominee in the Local and Supra-local category
Importance of the work of the police in maintaining close contact with the people in their local area – community policing as a tool in achieving policy goals
Patrick Leahy, Assistant Commissioner, Dublin Metropolitan Police




Coffee break




Working groups
Designing your implementation plan for citizen involvement in broad lines and/or a more concrete challenge/project based on the presented cases and discussions.

Bring your own project examples and discuss them with the experts and other participants to find solutions for your own questions and challenges.

Participants will be guided by Harrie Scholtens and Patrick Leahy








Reports of the working groups/Implementation pitches of all the working groups
Presentation of the initial ideas for the implementation plans and peer review
Chaired by: Harrie Scholtens and Patrick Leahy




Coffee break




Closing of the seminar, attended by Mr Ullrich Sierau, Lord Mayor of the City of Dortmund




End of the seminar

Course venue
Mercure Hotel Dortmund Centrum
Olpe 2
DE-44135 Dortmund
Tel: +49 231 543200
Fax: +49 231 574354

Programme Organiser
Ms Nicolette Brouwers
Tel: + 31 43 3296245

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Who are the supporting countries?
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