EIPA Luxembourg has been a key partner for the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MFEA), providing various institution and competence-building assistance to countries that have applied for EU Membership and/or have association agreements with the EU. Under the 2021 Convention entered between the MFEA and EIPA Luxembourg, the latter is providing such assistance to six West Balkan countries and Turkey.

In 2021, we are delivering nearly 30 webinars focusing on European intellectual property law, the judiciary’s role to protect fundamental rights, the right to property, EU Consumer Rules in the Digital Single Market, the digitalisation of criminal and civil justice, and much more. Around 50% of the training targets members of the judiciary while the other 50% addresses the needs of civil servants in ministries and specialised agencies. All training activities are developed and delivered in close cooperation with governmental partners in each of the beneficiary countries, and are tailored to meet the needs of each of the partner countries and the agreed target group(s).

When delivering training activities, EIPA pays particular attention to ensuring the transfer of practical and up-to-date knowledge and know-how on a number of EU legal, institutional and policy issues, and strengthening the capacity to transpose, apply and/or enforce the rules or policies covered by the respective activities. The evaluations from the participants of the various training activities show that EIPA experts’ ability to maintain the high quality of training and their efforts to introduce a high degree of interaction in the online training, are much appreciated.

EIPA has a long-standing cooperation with the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs since 1998. The current 2021 Convention with the Ministry also provides for initiation of a targeted consultancy project, where EIPA will support the Albanian School of Public Administration in its institutional reform efforts.

View the full list of training below.

Effective public administration


  • Consultancy for ASPA – Implementing Institutional Reforms, Albania
  • Online Tools for Trainers, Albania


  • Training of Trainers on Training Methodology, Kosovo


  • EU Data Protection Regime (NAPA), Serbia

EU policymaking and EU governance


  • EU Decision-making (NAPA), Serbia

Global EU


  • Training of Trainers on EU Integration and Accession Process, Albania


  • Designs and Trade Marks, Kosovo


  • EU Legal, Institutional and Policy Affairs (Module II), Turkey
  • Legal and Institutional Aspects of the External Action of the EU – Security, Defence and the EU, Turkey

EU laws and policies

Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Comparative Study of the EU Regimes on Product and Food Safety and Analysis of Other Outstanding Consumer-related Issues, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Product Safety and Geographical Indications and Denominations, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Food Safety and Environmental Aspects, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • The EU Internal Market Rules – Free Movement of Goods in Harmonised and Non-harmonised Sectors, Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • Patents and Copyrights, Kosovo
  • Towards the Rule of Law Strategy and Action Plan, Kosovo


  • The Judicial Organisation of the European Union – the Court of Justice of the EU and the Role of National Courts (JTCM), Montenegro
  • Judicial Cooperation in Civil and Commercial Matters – Module IV of EU Curriculum (JTCM), Montenegro
  • Seminar 4 (HRMA), Montenegro
  • Cooperation Between National Courts and the Court of Justice of the European Union – the Reference for a Preliminary Ruling (Module III of EU Curriculum for JTCM), Montenegro

North Macedonia

  • Digital Criminal Justice (JA), North Macedonia
  • New Approaches to Forensic Evidence (JA), North Macedonia
  • Management and Ethical Leadership in the Judiciary (JA), North Macedonia
  • The Digitalisation of Criminal and Civil Justice in the EU (JA), North Macedonia


  • Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights – IPR Protection Through Criminal Justice (MEI), Serbia
  • Leading EU Environmental Law Cases Before the CJEU (JA), Serbia
  • Judicial Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (JA), Serbia
  • EU Copyright Law – Focus on Directive (EU) 2019/789 (MEI), Serbia


  • Regulatory Challenges of the EU’s Digital Single Market, Turkey
  • EU Green Deal, Turkey