The CAF RC, GIZ and OECD SIGMA Join Forces Towards a Sustainable Quality Management Approach in the Eastern Partnership Countries


The European CAF Resource Centre at EIPA will be joining forces with the GIZ and OECD SIGMA to boost quality management in Eastern Partnership Countries (EaP). Following a dynamic kick-off meeting held in Podgorica on Tuesday, February 27, stakeholders are gearing up for an ambitious project set to transform public administration landscapes.


Under the collaborative efforts of EIPA, GIZ, and OECD SIGMA, the project encompasses multiple work packages designed to empower Eastern Partnership Countries in implementing the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) and advancing Quality Management (QM) practices. From initial assessments to in-depth training sessions, the project promises a holistic approach to capacity building and knowledge sharing.


Planning phases

The implementation of the project will be done in different phases spanning over the coming eight months, with final reporting happening in October of this year.

  • During the project, participants will engage in face-to-face sessions to facilitate exchanges between Eastern Partnership Countries and Western Balkans countries on QM and CAF practices. With an emphasis on consensus building and actionable recommendations, this phase marks a pivotal moment in driving sustainable change within the region.
  • In-depth CAF trainings will be delivered to selected institutions within Eastern Partnership Countries, equipping participants with the tools and knowledge needed to kickstart the CAF process. Through interactive sessions and specialised training, stakeholders will be empowered to drive meaningful improvements in their respective organisations

Throughout the project, the CAF RC, EIPA, GIZ, and OECD SIGMA remain committed to fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and capacity building within Eastern Partnership Countries. Backed by expert guidance and dedicated support, stakeholders can expect tangible outcomes and sustainable improvements in QM practices and CAF implementation.


From left to right: Nick Thijs (OECD-Sigma), Tihana Puzic (EIPA), and Hrachik Yarmaloyan (GIZ)


Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this transformative journey to elevate public administration standards across Eastern Partnership Countries.

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